Wednesday, September 17, 2008

life during wartime.

so....a week isn't quite complete without having a trip to the ER. i suppose. after several hours there, and an appointment at my GP today, i am none the wiser as to what's up with my body.

stupid body.

5 vials of blood later, and hopefully tomorrow they can give me something concrete.....wouldn't that be lovely??

caleb and i are watching goblet of fire. of course, he wants to watch it because he thinks harry is awesome. me? uh...welllll......i kind of have to say i am watching it to get an eyeful of robert pattinson. i really cannot wait for twilight, damnit!!

i know, i know.....that book is for like...14 year-olds....BUT!! butbut....bleh. it's just kind of a guilty read. a dead good one, though.

i am constantly thirsty lately. waterwaterwater. ugh.

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