Wednesday, December 2, 2009


as in, boy howdy, there certainly are tons around here.

which isn't to say oh, hey...suddenly going to post here everyday. that is highly unlikely. HIGHLY.


i bought lee his first xmas present over the ann fabrics was having a mad black friday/holiday weekend sale, and i took full advantage. basically, we picked up the yudu machine. it's a nifty sort of home screen printer, with seriously user friendly materials/instructions/etc.

at least it's supposed to be user friendly....we'll just have to wait and find out for ourselves, right? i'm hopeful, even if i am totally unclear as to what the hell either of us are going to use it for.

also, today i broke down and turned on the heat. the dog and i were shivering on the couch, and it was just ridiculous.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Friday, March 13, 2009

i'm not the girl you think i am.

...and i'm not the one that's crazy.

leaving in a few days!! huzzah. smell ya later, philthy.

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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

confessions of a knife....

...soooo...who is coming from cal state fullerton? i am ridiculously curious, as always.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

you're aces, ackley kid.

in honour, though belatedly so, of one of my favourite author's birthday, i am going to leave a snazzy little list for myself of books i have enjoyed this year.

(said author being j.d. salinger, and said birthday being his 90th! holy mackerel, man.)

the books:

frankenstein takes the cake-adam rex
i got this snazzy little tome as one of my holiday gifts from the husband and child. it combines my long-abiding love of all things frankenstein, adding some fairly clever poetry, and cake! hell, you know a fat girl loves cake, right?

vegan cupcakes take over the world-isa chandra moskowitz & terry hope romero
i got this fabulous book a couple of years ago, when it came out. i had a co-worker at the time who kept bringing in these fucking tasty cakes with rich, creamy, massive "buttercream" frostings, and i had to ask how she was accomplishing these beauties as she was a crazy vegan-type. the answer was simple--this book! good. i tried the ganache for the first time this past december...gah. i wanted to eat it out of the bowl, forsaking the damn cakes it was meant for.

superman:red son-mark millar
i'm not usually into superhero's not that i don't dig the capes and all, but i just don't need to read about them. i like to watch them as far as cartoons and movies and shit goes, but reading the comics? nah. too much ridiculousness....except!! this is one of the 'elseworlds' books, and it's pretty damn good. the alternate world of millar's creation has america's best-known Good Guy landing in the cold war era USSR, instead of a midwestern cornfield. he's a tool of the State, and is still a damned boy scout.....mostly.the best bits feature a fantastically imagined batman run amuck, and the US-created bizarro.

yeah. i am tired now, and need to clean the house. so...feh. 3 books is pretty good, though. it got me writing, and that's enough for me.

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Friday, January 2, 2009

...i almost forgot!

eeeee...i wanted to post about snazzy songs that were making my feets tappity, and keeping my obviously saccharine-sweet-toothed ears happy, but...well, i forgot.

gwen stefani : early winter
i know, right?? what am i thinking? seriously, though, the sweet escape was a rather good, poppy, confectionarily 80's-tastic nice time. no heavy thinking, musically speaking, but it was a good summer album. plus, there's a hella gorgeous D&G gown featured in the video that probably cost more than the house i grew up in.

katy perry : hot n cold
i don't know what the hell it is about this track, but it's infectious as poison ivy at a summer camp, dude. the video is a bit silly, too. i quite like the idea of hot pants as wedding attire, too. AND!! holy gee!! pink bike, yes, please!

old 97's : murder (or a heart attack)
i like to play this at work, on the jukebox. it's sweet without being gaggingly fey, and they have mad fantasticness. i love that the damn song is supposedly about the singers cat, too. that's pretty fabulous....

VAST : touched
i still cannot believe i got lee to like this song. heh. i rule. i also love that the metrolink is in the vid. i have to wonder...was it the line i rode every day into downtown l.a.? i loved that ride...pulling into union station, taking trans down to wilshire, working from that office, instead of the riverside one. there is another video, easily found on the you tube, that features scenes from 'equilibrium'. 'equilibrium' is one of the most beautiful, and frightening, movies i have ever seen.

the magnetic fields : 100,000 fireflies
one of my all-time, top 5, favourite-favourite songs ever. it goes on most mixes, all mp3 players, what-have-you. just....gorgeous. and, well, a little more than sad.

mmmyep. lovely and sweet....ahem.

i am going to go out and kick some children, steal candy from babies, bend the corners on books to keep my place...

actually, no. i am going to bed.

we hold our sweaty hands.

day 1/365
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i am going to make the effort to do several things, none of them anywhere near to being anything like a resolution. what would be the point to a resolution? resolution sounds like end, which is ridiculous when you're trying to start something or be something new. weird.

or maybe i am making too much of it, and need to cease and desist.

i am hoping for safety, for less death and more living, for happiness for friends and family, for seeing more of same friends and family, and for us to be steady on our feet. 2008 has been long, and hard, and whatever we walked out with i am grateful for. i kind of feel like things were iffy there throughout much of the year, be it with the marriage or our own sanity, and i really didn't know whether we were going to make it. together, or not, it was looking quite grim.

bleh. enough.

i am going to be re-starting the flickr 365 day photo project i bombed on. i may have hooked lee into as well, thought it remains to be seen how we do. day 1 was, of course, food. shocking.