Sunday, January 4, 2009

you're aces, ackley kid.

in honour, though belatedly so, of one of my favourite author's birthday, i am going to leave a snazzy little list for myself of books i have enjoyed this year.

(said author being j.d. salinger, and said birthday being his 90th! holy mackerel, man.)

the books:

frankenstein takes the cake-adam rex
i got this snazzy little tome as one of my holiday gifts from the husband and child. it combines my long-abiding love of all things frankenstein, adding some fairly clever poetry, and cake! hell, you know a fat girl loves cake, right?

vegan cupcakes take over the world-isa chandra moskowitz & terry hope romero
i got this fabulous book a couple of years ago, when it came out. i had a co-worker at the time who kept bringing in these fucking tasty cakes with rich, creamy, massive "buttercream" frostings, and i had to ask how she was accomplishing these beauties as she was a crazy vegan-type. the answer was simple--this book! good. i tried the ganache for the first time this past december...gah. i wanted to eat it out of the bowl, forsaking the damn cakes it was meant for.

superman:red son-mark millar
i'm not usually into superhero's not that i don't dig the capes and all, but i just don't need to read about them. i like to watch them as far as cartoons and movies and shit goes, but reading the comics? nah. too much ridiculousness....except!! this is one of the 'elseworlds' books, and it's pretty damn good. the alternate world of millar's creation has america's best-known Good Guy landing in the cold war era USSR, instead of a midwestern cornfield. he's a tool of the State, and is still a damned boy scout.....mostly.the best bits feature a fantastically imagined batman run amuck, and the US-created bizarro.

yeah. i am tired now, and need to clean the house. so...feh. 3 books is pretty good, though. it got me writing, and that's enough for me.

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