Friday, January 2, 2009

...i almost forgot!

eeeee...i wanted to post about snazzy songs that were making my feets tappity, and keeping my obviously saccharine-sweet-toothed ears happy, but...well, i forgot.

gwen stefani : early winter
i know, right?? what am i thinking? seriously, though, the sweet escape was a rather good, poppy, confectionarily 80's-tastic nice time. no heavy thinking, musically speaking, but it was a good summer album. plus, there's a hella gorgeous D&G gown featured in the video that probably cost more than the house i grew up in.

katy perry : hot n cold
i don't know what the hell it is about this track, but it's infectious as poison ivy at a summer camp, dude. the video is a bit silly, too. i quite like the idea of hot pants as wedding attire, too. AND!! holy gee!! pink bike, yes, please!

old 97's : murder (or a heart attack)
i like to play this at work, on the jukebox. it's sweet without being gaggingly fey, and they have mad fantasticness. i love that the damn song is supposedly about the singers cat, too. that's pretty fabulous....

VAST : touched
i still cannot believe i got lee to like this song. heh. i rule. i also love that the metrolink is in the vid. i have to wonder...was it the line i rode every day into downtown l.a.? i loved that ride...pulling into union station, taking trans down to wilshire, working from that office, instead of the riverside one. there is another video, easily found on the you tube, that features scenes from 'equilibrium'. 'equilibrium' is one of the most beautiful, and frightening, movies i have ever seen.

the magnetic fields : 100,000 fireflies
one of my all-time, top 5, favourite-favourite songs ever. it goes on most mixes, all mp3 players, what-have-you. just....gorgeous. and, well, a little more than sad.

mmmyep. lovely and sweet....ahem.

i am going to go out and kick some children, steal candy from babies, bend the corners on books to keep my place...

actually, no. i am going to bed.

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