Thursday, April 4, 2013

Plastic Passion.

I've been collecting Blythe dolls for....oh, 8 years now? I was just going to get one back in 2005 . Just ONE! Did you know that is an impossible feat? Well, it is. Here I am, 14 girls later....oops.

My first girl was Stella, and I've fashioned her over the years into my mini-me. Well, my idealised mini-me, more accurately. I got Stella via eBay on New Year's Day, 2005. She was a Lounging Lovely, which This is Blythe assured me was a good starter girl. And, right they were. I still love her to pieces, even if I haven't changed her outfit in 2 years.

stella, my mini-me.

With this lovely girl came all sorts of things...I started re-teaching myself to sew, I did swaps with other dolly folks on Craftster, started taking my camera with me everywhere again; I just really had a lot of fun with her, and the girls that followed...

stella in LPB

Stella Frankenstein. ♥

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

I couldn't save you.

Per the calendar, Spring is here. Per my thermostat, not so much.

Still....there are buds peeking out hither and thither, and that gives me a tiny happy spark.

Yesterday marked Day One of being laid off. I wanted to crawl into bed and moan, and did not. Instead, it was dentist and errands and running to keep busy. Today has been laundry, the child cleaning his room, and cleaning the kitchen. I am hoping this is temporary, as I need to work. My brain can't handle a non-routine.

There's been a lot of listening to things with banjos & neo-americana. There's been a lot of organisation. There's been a lot of staring out the window. There's been a lot of planning this year's garden--herbs! flowers! more veggies for the mister! There's been a lot of throwing away the unnecessary, and holding close the needed.