Thursday, April 4, 2013

Plastic Passion.

I've been collecting Blythe dolls for....oh, 8 years now? I was just going to get one back in 2005 . Just ONE! Did you know that is an impossible feat? Well, it is. Here I am, 14 girls later....oops.

My first girl was Stella, and I've fashioned her over the years into my mini-me. Well, my idealised mini-me, more accurately. I got Stella via eBay on New Year's Day, 2005. She was a Lounging Lovely, which This is Blythe assured me was a good starter girl. And, right they were. I still love her to pieces, even if I haven't changed her outfit in 2 years.

stella, my mini-me.

With this lovely girl came all sorts of things...I started re-teaching myself to sew, I did swaps with other dolly folks on Craftster, started taking my camera with me everywhere again; I just really had a lot of fun with her, and the girls that followed...

stella in LPB

Stella Frankenstein. ♥

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