Friday, July 25, 2014

Curiouser and curiouser.....

It's been busy around here! Etsy, life, and coming up with new and awesome things to add to the TinyDynamine catalogue. Add the fact that Bug is home for Summer Break, and things have been quietly hectic.

I am going to start offering Cake Carriers & various other home goods. I am starting with the Curious Cake Carrier! Here are pictures of the work in progress:

And with the decals applied to the carrier:

Now I just need to add the ribbons, and it's ready for a Tea Party! Or a potluck, whichever comes first. 

Friday, May 23, 2014

You, Me, and Dancing.

We made it to the end of 4th grade! Such a huge relief!! Bug made A/B Honour Roll two semesters in a row, and got the highest average in Social Studies. Woot. He got suspended several times, his behaviour has gone from bad to good, to terrible to excellent, and WE MADE IT THROUGH. I can now exhale.

Until next Fall, when we get back on the rollercoaster.

We made teacher gifts last night, to show our extreme appreciation of what these folks have done for Bug. They seemed to really like them, when we gave them this morning.

I've been crazy busy, making and selling loads of things.

I even made one for my car!

While I am definitely not looking forward to the hot and humid of the coming Summer, I am looking forward to doing awesome stuff with the Bug. Teaching him to swim properly, $1 movie club, book reports--it's going to be good.