Friday, January 2, 2009

we hold our sweaty hands.

day 1/365
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i am going to make the effort to do several things, none of them anywhere near to being anything like a resolution. what would be the point to a resolution? resolution sounds like end, which is ridiculous when you're trying to start something or be something new. weird.

or maybe i am making too much of it, and need to cease and desist.

i am hoping for safety, for less death and more living, for happiness for friends and family, for seeing more of same friends and family, and for us to be steady on our feet. 2008 has been long, and hard, and whatever we walked out with i am grateful for. i kind of feel like things were iffy there throughout much of the year, be it with the marriage or our own sanity, and i really didn't know whether we were going to make it. together, or not, it was looking quite grim.

bleh. enough.

i am going to be re-starting the flickr 365 day photo project i bombed on. i may have hooked lee into as well, thought it remains to be seen how we do. day 1 was, of course, food. shocking.

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