Monday, November 17, 2008

drifting, falling.

...or something along those lines.

left work ridiculously early yesterday, for no reason other than wanting to spend more time with the bug, and no desire to spend any more time near a bartender who is useless. well, not useless, perhaps, but definitely irksome.

not necessary for details, only the fact that there is, indeed, a boy's club, and that i am damned glad i am no part of the goddamn thing.


had a lovely afternoon wherein i spent my time watching a bunch of awesome ladies knit, and chatting and so forth. i got to meet a couple of people from the interwebs, and hey! they were swell. though, my social retardation manifested itself in a lot of nonsensical rambling, of that i am pretty certain.

bleh. go me!

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