Saturday, November 22, 2008

i'll show you a god who falls down on the job.

though it's been difficult, i have learned a hard, big girl, lesson from this mess. said lesson?? i'd rather be honest, ethical and righteous than one of the cool kids. i'd rather retain my loyalty to what's Right and Proper than part of the boys' club. i dislike learning life-type lessons this way, but i suppose it'll be better in t he long run...

or something like that?

short versioned, it's better to be fighting the good fight than be liked by one's co-workers.


we had the first snow of the season yesterday, and, while it didn't stick to the ground, it was beautiful. that rare sort of snow that flies gracefully, all quiet and huge flakes. sigh. loves the damn snow...

the midnight showing of twilight was absolutely packed....perhaps 3-4 seats left un-filled? the movie was good enough, but i really do wish they hadn't made it so bloody dis-jointed feeling. like, had i not read the books? yeah...i'd have been lost. scene to scene, it wasn't quite as linearly filmed as it could have been. i enjoyed pattinson as edward quite a bit, the eye candy factor being a nice plus to a weirdly accurate portrayal. though, i have to admit, even to myself, that his early scenes were a bit..well, edward read as less trying to avoid bella and more as possibly slightly mentally defective. i spent more time in the theatre laughing than i think i was supposed, some parts were just so silly!! the sparkly scene? yeah..special effects is so effing fired. they couldn't have screwed that bit up more. he looked like a wet peach, a weirdly lit up something, but not what i expected. judging by the groans surrounding me, i don't think it was quite what others were expecting, either.

i spent this morning listening the to movie soundtrack, being silly, packing up orders, and trying to get excited about thanksgiving. it's not proving easy....bleh. HATES thanksgiving.

my best girl was over for a bit yesterday, and ate some awesome los jalapenos with us. it was mellow and swell, both things i enjoy.

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