Sunday, December 28, 2008

ho, ho, hork.

whilst this season has certainly held much merriment, it's also been host to a helluva lot of illness. the kid, full of phlegm and mischief. myself?? equally full of phlegm, with a plentiful side portion of stomach flu. all in all? not as merry as i'd like, but doable.

i think everyone got what they desired, giftily-speaking. i know that i was pleasantly surprised, and, in turn, surprised my parenty compatriot. he went gaga/apeshit/whathaveyou over the robotech boxset i managed to find for him, while i am happily screwing around with a fancypants new camera....all this flu-ishness has enabled me to watch much of the Deadwood box we gave ourselves for shitsngiggles.

now...urm...hrm. more puking seems to be in my immediate future.

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