Monday, February 18, 2013

torn fishnets and all.

...having the day off,  I ought to have been sewing up a storm. Instead? I made a Spotify playlist, showcasing all my high school DR favourites. Seriously, my priorities can be a bit mad, you know?

I did get quite a bit of laundry done, in a very adult-like manner, so there's that. I also started reorganising the sewing area, for ease of use. As it is now, I have to sort of wedge myself into a pretzel-backed way, to get even near my machine. I spent a few hours yesterday moving things around the kitchen, and that made both the kitchen table more accessible, and the cutting table (finally and more easily) usable.
Vincent remains unimpressed with my changes.

I also changed the name on my etsy shop, to consolidate things a bit, business-wise. I've had the etsy since 2005, and it has always been zenkitten. Which, besides personal stuff, meant nothing about what I made or did. While Tiny Dynamine might seem like nothing, I think it's sweet, and it feels right? It's certainly better than the other name I came up with last year, which was hella clunky. Why, oh why, was Idle Hands already taken by everything! Ha. Now, once I get over designs being ahem....appropriated by other folks, I'll be on track for a good year.

And really, by good year, I mean, I feel good about things, and slightly hopeful for the future, and not necessarily like I mean I will a bazillionaire or anything.

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