Monday, December 9, 2013


There's been so much going on! I'm a terrible blogger, at the best of times, true....but add a ton of projects, customs, crazy personal travails, and the first show I've been to since Nick Cave in 2008.

September-early November was awful. The Bug, now 9, has been having the worst issues of his entire academic life. Acting out, having a hard time adapting to 4th grade--math has jumped to the big leagues of long division, and just being miserable for the most part. His behaviour progressed to the point where he was sent to an "alternative to suspension" school environment for a few days. While there, he was fine the first day, but was out of hand the second. Out of hand for this school is generally violent or drug-related--it's a tough damn school. The Bug? He simply would not sit down, in his chair. That's it. No hands put on teachers, no threats, just....wouldn't sit down. The school has a zero tolerance policy, and they have to call upon resource officers. Resource officers are simply Bowling Green PD, but they come for whatever the school calls 'em in for. Well, the teacher calls them, stating that Bug has a pencil, and won't put it down. The dispatcher heard "pistol". The police arrived, guns drawn. Possibly one of the more terrifying moments of my life as a parent. Up to that point anyway....He would not cooperate, talk to, or look at the officers, and they cuffed him. My baby, my 9 year handcuffs. Second terrifying moment of the day. After several minutes of him spinning in circles, and scooting around on the floor--still handcuffed, mind you--the police tell me that they are going to take him to a crisis unit for children. Third terrifying moment.

My boy, who has never been away for a night without one of us, spent 7 days at this crisis unit. During this time, we received details on the mountain of paperwork I'd been filling out for the school district psychologist. Summary--he is? He has? He is on the Autism Spectrum. Or has an Autism Spectrum Disorder--leaning towards Asperger's. All of this could have been avoided had the alternative school known, maybe? I still don't know. Now we have a court date looming, and I am very scared of what can happen.

He is now attending a new school, wherein he has been mostly mainstreamed, but does check into a special class twice a day, to see how behaviour is going. He has a time during the day wherein he has to learn "social skills". He has an IEP.

All of these things are so new to me, and I'm overwhelmed. I am just trying to focus on the kiddo, and not the DX. I am reading all I can on the subject, and I am trying to not let Bug see how much I am freaking out. I'm trying not to treat him like anything has changed. I am trying to be a better parent for him.

November 22nd was good. We went to Nashville, and saw Johnny Marr play. For the first show I've been to in years? It was a GREAT one. He played several Smiths songs, and most of the new album. Fabulous. I even drove all the way there, and back--in the dark! Personal victory!!

I've been so busy....reading about ASD/Asperger's, making things, doing a LOT of custom work, and getting the house in shape. I am trying very hard to be positive about life, in general. It's uphill, both ways, in the snow.

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